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-Coach Joe 

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Joseph “Coach Joe” Richmond was born on June 16, 1965 in South Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  The youngest of 7 children, he grew up with his family in the Southwark Projects (5th St.) 


Joe fell in love with basketball at an early age while attending Nebinger Elementary School.  Athletics was a family affair.  His older brother Jeff and sister Deanna were successful athletes who paved the way for Joe’s love of basketball. Joe played for his elementary school’s basketball team in the 5th grade.  He credits his coach, Mr. Truhart for developing him into a solid and consistent player. Based on the California Achievement Test (CAT), Joe was one of the top student athletes in his school. 


As a young man Joe also played for a local church league and he, along with his big brother Mike Richmond, was quickly recognized as a special and talented player. 


Later, when Joe’s family moved to the other side of the tracks, he attended George Washington Elementary school where he played under coaches Bradley and Woods. During his tenure there, he developed into a well-rounded athlete playing basketball, hockey and football.  He would travel from playground to playground looking for opportunities to just play basketball.  He never reached basketball super stardome in school. But he earned quite a reputation on the neighborhood playgrounds  as a fierce competitor, earning the nickname “Showboat” which stuck with Joe throughout his high school basketball career. 


Joe attended South Philadelphia High school. Even though Joe was an excellent academic student, he was also a part of a work program going to school half days and then to work until he graduated.  Joe then enlisted into the US Navy for 12 years.  After the Navy, Joe rode the coattails of his big brother “Big Mike'' who grew to be 6’8” who would go on to be one of the top players in the country. Big Mike got drafted to the NBA and eventually went on to play basketball overseas and Joe followed him.


Joe also played and coached in Sweden which launched his professional basketball journey.  He studied every aspect of the game with fervor which led him to the Harlem Globetrotters and eventually the Philadelphia 76ers where he is now the Ambassador of Basketball for their G-League affiliate, The Delaware Blue Coats.